Monday, 25 May 2020

Easy Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe

Deliciously flavoursome with a little hint of spice.  It's also jam packed with veggies.  This Cajun dirty rice recipe is a meal in itself but it also makes a fabulous side dish or accompaniment to a salad.

Tools and Ingredients:
500g Mince £1.49
Bacon £1.39
500g Rice 30p
500g Red Onions 35p
500g Mushrooms 70p
500g Peppers 60p
Half Bulb Garlic 8p
200ml Balsamic Vinegar 25p
1/2 Jar Cajun Spice Mix 30p

Total = £2.58 for a big tub that will feed a crowd.

Pop the rice on to boil in a large pan.

Start by mincing the garlic.

Then dice the onions.

They can both be thrown in a pan ready for frying.

Dice the bacon and fry that too.

Add the mince and fry that.

Once the meat is cooked add the Cajun spice mix.

And the balsamic vinegar.

Once it's all well mixed add it to the cooked rice.

Chop the peppers, add them to the rest of the ingredients.

Then chop the mushrooms and add them too.

Cook the veggies until just cooked through, stirring frequently.

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