Make Your Own Rainbow Dreamcatcher - DIY Craft Project

Spend a relaxing afternoon making your very own unique rainbow dreamcatcher.   
Our kit includes all of the materials you'll need.
It's available to buy from our NuMonday shop.
Or you can get the materials you will need from our website.
Embroidery Hoops 20cm 8"" 10 PackSatin Rattail Space Dye 2mmFeathers, L:11-17cm BrightsDress It Up! - Glitter Stars
 You will also need some basic tools you'll already have about the house, some sharp scissors and a pen  If you have a glue gun it will be very helpful but this kit can be made without one.
Multi Use Glue Gun

Start by trapping one end of the Rainbow cord in between the two parts of the embroidery hoop.  
You need to loosen the screw at the top of the embroidery hoop to separate the two parts.  Then put them back together again with the end of the rainbow cord trapped in the middle.
Tighten the screw to keep it secure.

Next start wrapping the cord around the embroidery hoop.
Make sure that each wrap sits neatly next to the previous one.

If you're struggling to control the long length of cord you can wrap it around your hand and use a clothes peg to hold the cord together while you work.

Once the whole hoop is covered with cord cut off the excess cord leaving a little tail.  
Thread the tail onto a large knitters needle and thread it under the cord wraps at the beginning of your wrapping.  This should secure the cord nicely.

Thread the needle with the remaining cord.
Secure the end of the cord at the top of the embroidery hoop by threading it through the wraps you have already made.

Image that your embroidery hoop is a clock.  
You need to make a mark at 12, 3, 6 and 9.  Then make another mark halfway between each of the marks you've already made, so at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 and 10:30.   

Take your needle and thread it though one of your wraps at the first mark, making sure that the needle is pointing back towards the beginning of your thread.

Do the same for the next mark and work your way around the hoop being sure that your needle points back towards the last loop you made.

When you get back to the beginning you can start filling your dreamcatcher.  
Thread your cord under the next loop.

Then pull it back over the loop and through the cord you are working with.
This makes a little knot around the loop of cord.
Pull your knit tight making sure it sits in the centre of the previous loop.

You can brighten up your dreamcatcher by adding beads or shank buttons to your cord.  
Position them in the middle of a knit to keep them in place.  
If you don't they will fall down to rest on the next knot.  This can be a nice effect with some beads.  Experiment and see how you'd like your dreamcatcher to look.

When you reach the middle of your dreamcatcher secure the end of the cord with a knot which can be neatly hidden behind a button or bead. 

You should have some cord left over.
Cut it into three lengths.
Thread each one through a few of the wraps at the base of the dreamcatcher.
Pull it through so that there are two lengths of cord hanging down.

Make a knot in the end of the cord.

And pull it tight around a feather.
Do this for all 6 feathers and cords.

If you'd like to add a little weight to your feathers so that they hang straight down you can add a lump of glue to the back of each feather using a glue gun.
Let the glue dry completely before hanging your dreamcatcher.
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14/07/2020 10:47
Love it, so perfect for summer! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, hope to see you again!
15/07/2020 16:15
This is so fun! Pinned!
19/07/2020 20:56
This is so pretty. Thanks for sharing at Handmade Monday :-)