Monday, 11 May 2020

Roast New Potato Salad - Air Fryer Recipe

Deliciously tangy roast new potatoes really pep up an otherwise boring salad.  They're wonderful served warm but can also be eaten cold the next day.

Ingredients and Tools:
New Potatoes 99p
Olive Oil 26p
Red Wine Vinegar 25p
Lemon Juice 17p
Red Onion 10p
Garlic 8p

Total = £1.85
Serves 6 = 31p per portion

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Start by chopping up any bigger potatoes and boiling them.

Meanwhile finely mince the garlic.

And chop the red onion.

Take a clean jam jar and mix a few table spoons full of olive oil with about the same amount of red wine vinegar.

Add a glug of lemon juice.

Then chop the herbs and shove them in the jar too.

Give the jar a good shake and your dressing is done.

Pop the boiled potatoes into an air fryer and fry them for about 15 minutes until they're nice and golden.  You could oven cook them if you don't have an air fryer although you'll need to add some oil.

Drizzle the dressing over the warm potatoes and they're ready to serve.

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