Monday, 27 April 2020

Spicy Corn Salad Recipe

This corn salad recipe is deliciously fresh tasting with a hint of heat from the coriander.

Ingredients and Tools:
1kg Sweetcorn 69p
350g Peppers 60p
500g Red Onions 44p
2 Chillies 24p
Sour Cream 95p
Garlic Powder 25p

Total = £3.17

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Start by making the dressing.  I'm using an old (clean) jam jar to mix and store my salad dressing.

Add about half a jar of garlic granules to the jam jar.

Finely chop the herbs and chuck them in too.

Finally add the sour cream and give it a really good shake (with the lid on).

Dice the red onions.

And the chillies.

Then chop the peppers.

Chuck the sweetcorn into a big tub or bowl and throw int he rest of the veggies.

If you're eating the whole lot straight away stir in the all of the dressing.  But if you want to store this and eat it over a few days store the salad and the dressing separately.  Just before serving mix the required quantity of salad with some of the dressing.  

Once the salad and the dressing are mixed it'll need eating within a couple of days.  But if you store them separately they should both last for the best part of a week in the fridge, so this is a great recipe for meal prepping.

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