Monday, 20 April 2020

African Chicken Stew - Batch Cook Slow Cooker Recipe

This is a delicious healthy stew that's packed full of flavoursome veggies.  

Ingredients and Tools:
2 kg Boneless Chicken £8.88
1 kg Onions 57p
1 kg Sweet Potatoes 99p
750g Peppers £1.19
Chillies 47p
Ginger 55p
Garlic 16p
Coriander - from garden
Chopped Tomatoes 84p
Chicken Stock 12p
Peanut Butter 85p
Cayenne Pepper 25p
Cumin 25p

Total = £15.12
Serves 24 = 63p per portion

Start by mincing the garlic.

And chopping the onions.

Fry them in the same pan until they're soft then throw them into the slow cooker.

Dice the chillies and chuck them into the slow cooker too.

Dice the ginger as finely as you can, sling that into the slow cooker.

Next peel and chop the potatoes.

Roughly chop the peppers/

And chop the chicken into bite sized pieces.

Add the chopped tomatoes ( I couldn't get three tins of chopped tomatoes and used plum tomatoes instead, I should have chopped them up in the tin but forgot). 

Four chicken stock cubes.

Half a jar of cumin.

And half a jar of cayenne pepper.

Finally add a small jar of peanut butter.

Give it a stir and cook on low for 5 - 8 hours or on high for 4 - 6 hours if you're in a rush.  Do check that the chicken is cooked through if you're using the quicker cooking times.

Today we're having it served with boiled rice.  It would also make a fabulous topping for jacket potatoes or an accompaniment to home made chips.

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