Friday, 27 March 2020

How to Sew a DIY Infinity Scarf - Free Sewing Pattern

A super quick and simple infinity scarf pattern that makes a perfect gift.

Tools and Materials:

Fabric from Stash

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Start by cutting the fabric to measure 17" by 92".

In this case I don't have enough length of fabric so I'm using two 17" x 46" pieces and sewing them together in the middle.

Fold in half length ways and sew along longest side leaving an opening for turning.  (This means that you need to not sew for about 6" or so).

Pull one end inside through tot he other end so that the right sides are together.  Pin and sew.

Pull the scarf right sides out through the opening.

Slip stitch the opening closed.

And here you have a finished infinity scarf just perfect for spring.

Here's a pinnable image to save for later.

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