Friday, 6 March 2020

How to Sew a DIY Hot Water Bottle Cover - Free Beginners Sewing Pattern

A super quick and simple hot water bottle cover made from soft cuddly fleece fabric which just happens to be a recycled maternity top.

Tools and Materials:

I've cut my fabric from an old maternity top.

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I started by measuring my hot water bottle.  With a few inches added for seam allowance and ease I going with 10" x 15" inches.

I've cut the front and back pieces.  The front measures the full 10" x 15" inches, the back has the same width of 10" but I've reduced the length by a third so it's 10" square and I've cut two of these.  They will overlap by about 5".

I've sewn a very simple hem along two edges of the 10" squares.

Then I've laid the front right side up on a flat surface and laid one of the back pieces on top of it, right side down.  

The second back piece goes on the other side, also right side down.

Then I've sewn along all the sides and finished my seams with my overlocker so they're nice and neat.

Turned right side out and there we go, no more burning my toes on my hot water bottle.

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