Monday, 16 March 2020

Chicken Tikka Masala - Slow Cooker Batch Cook Recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala is one of my favourite takeaway dishes.  Since I started making my own I haven't ordered it once, this version is cheaper, healthier and tastier than most restaurants.

Ingredients and Tools:

2kg Chicken Breast £7.00
Natural Yogurt 45p
Cream 89p
Ground Almonds £1.39
Coriander 48p
Paprika 25p
Curry Powder 40p
1kg Onions 50p
Peppers £1.19
Garlic 16p
Chillies 47p
Ginger 25p
Tomato Puree 31p
Cumin 25p

Total = £13.99
Makes 21 servings = 67p per portion 

Food purchased from Aldi

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Start by chopping the chicken into bite sized pieces.

Pop it in a container with a lid for marinading, seen as it will be ending up in the slow cooker I'm using that and saving on the washing up.

Finely dice the garlic.

And the chilies.

Add them to the chicken along with the yoghurt.

Then the spices, half a jar of paprika

half a tub of curry powder

half a jar of cumin

and half a jar of ground ginger.

I usually use fresh ginger and add it with the chillies and garlic but Aldi didn't have any in stock so I'm substituting ground ginger instead.  I do think the fresh tastes better but it's not enough of a difference to change my plans.

Give it all a good mix and pop the whole thing in the fridge for at least a few hours, overnight is best if you can.

When you're ready to make the chicken tikka masala chop the onions.

And fry them until they're soft.  

Add them to the slow cooker.

Chop the peppers, add them too.

Chop the coriander.

Then add the ground almonds to the slow cooker.

Top with the tomato puree.

Give it a stir and leave it to cook on low for 5 - 6 hours.

At the end of the cooking time stir in the pot of cream.

Portion into microwave and freezer proof tubs.  Each one of these serves three people.

We like it with boiled rice, t's also great with chips or over a jacket potato.

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