Friday, 7 February 2020

How to Sew DIY Quilted Chair Covers - Free Step By Step Pattern

Simple absorbent, waterproof covers to protect my new (to me) dining chairs from spills because well kids.

Tools and Materials
Waterproof Fabric
Upholstery Fabric
Old Towels
Scrap Fabric for Binding


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I've measured my chairs and decided to make my covers measure 18" x 21".  So I cut my decorative upholstery fabric to that size.  The old towels I've cut slightly bigger and the waterproof backing bigger still.  This will allow for them to "shrink" whilst being quilted.

I've marked lines across the width of the fabric every 3".

I#ve pinned the three layers of fabric together at each end of each line.

Starting on the centre most line I've stitched along each line using a simple straight stitch.

Working my way to the ends of each chair cover.

After all the quilting has been completed I've trimmed the pieces to measure 17" x 20".

Now for the binding.  I'm cutting strips of scrap fabric to measure 2.5" wide.

Each length is joined at right angles.


Then the seam allowance trimmed.

This makes a long continuous length of binding.  This is then folded in half length ways and pressed.

I match the raw edges of the my binding to the edge of my quilting and sew using a 1/4" foot.

When I reach a corner I turn the binding back on itself.

And then forwards along the new stitching line.

There's a little over lap where the ends meet.

The straps are made from leftover binding strips.  I've stitched them together along the length and across the top.

I've used a loop turned to turn them right side out.

Then given them a good press.

Each strap is sewn on the chair cover at the back corner.  Each corner needs two straps.

This time I'm hand sewing my binding to the back of the quilting.

I also made a matching set of place-mats and a table runner.

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