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Lasagne Bolognese Recipe - Budget Batch Cook

Winter comfort food at it's very best!!  Scrumptious layers of pasta, bolognese and white sauce topped with delicious cheese.  You wouldn't believe that it's also packed with veggies and costs just 39p per serving!

Ingredients and Tools:
6 portions Slow Cooker Bolognese Recipe £3.12
Lasagne Sheets 49p 
Milk £1.09
200g Butter 25p
Plain Flour 10p
Cheese £1.99

Total: £7.04
Makes 18 servings = 39p  per serving

Food purchased from Aldi

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Pop 200g of butter into a good sized pan.

Turn the heat on low and gradually add 8 table spoons of flour.

Mix it well as the butter melts.

Gradually add 4 pints of milk.

Mix it well and allow it to thicken.

Add a ladle full of white sauce to each oven proof dish, completely covering the base.

Place a sheet of lasagne on top of the white sauce.

Add a few spoon fulls of Bolognese.

Then another sheet of lasagne.

Keep layering up white sauce, Bolognese then lasagne finishing with a final layer of white sauce.

Top with slices of cheese.

Cover, cool and freeze.

To cook pop the lasagne in the oven and cook on high for about 50 minutes.

We like it with Healthy Air Fried Chips.

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  1. Such a great batch cook meal for the freezer. Thanks for sharing with #CookBlogShare. Michelle