Friday, 22 November 2019

Max and Meena Mega Max Raglan Blue Jumper Sewing Project

A super simple Mega Max Raglan top to turn a sleeveless summer dress into a winter outfit.

I love how quick and easy this pattern is to sew up. There are loads of options availible to make it really exciting but in it's simplest form this is still a fabulous simple raglan pattern.

I've sewn up this pattern in a ribby fabric a few times now, it works really well.  The rib gives a cheaper fabric quite a bit of extra stretch and the texture adds an interesting detail to an otherwise plain garment.

Tools and Materials:

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Basic Construction

Raglan patters tend to start with the front and back sleeve seams.

Then I finish the sleeves and hems with my overlocker.

I press my hems them fold them out again when I stitch the seams.  I think this makes a neater finish and it's easier than trying to press a hem once the seam has been sewn.

Then it's the side seams.


I stitch the neckband with a straight stitch as it allows the neckband to lie fatter than it would with a stretch stitch which is quite a wide stitch.  

I also press the seam open so it lies as flat as possible.

When turning my neckband I find a tailors ham very useful for accurate pressing.

Then I pin and sew the neckband into place.

I stitch my hems in place with a twin needle, I think it leaves a more professional looking finish.

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Save 40% off all New Look and Kwik Sew sewing patterns for a limited time at Minerva Crafts.

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  1. Great tutorial! I have never made a jumper - I may have to try one, as you have given good instructions. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Judy

  2. This is such a pretty jumper!Thank you so much for sharing w us at Creative Muster! Pinned this!
    xoxo Sharon from Adoring Creations

  3. Gotta love a serger - thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Looks like a pretty quick project and a great solution to summer dressed in winter. (Belated) thanks for linking up with me for TGIFF.