Friday, 4 October 2019

Max and Meena Mega Max Unicorn Costume Sewing Project

This unicorn costume is available to buy in my NuMonday shop.

This is not a typical throwaway Halloween costume.  It's a warm and comfy raglan jumper with a snugly lined hood topped off with a unicorn horn and ears.  The arms feature amazing Pegasus wings that are sure to delight.  

The main body is made form a stunning unicorn print cotton Lycra fabric with the arms an hood in a coordinating pink rib that's thick and snugly enough to wear for a night out trick or treating.

Tools and Materials:
Fabric from stash.
Mega Max Pattern by Max and Meena
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I hate typical kids Halloween costumes for several reasons.

They are the height of fast fashion.  Poorly made garments sewn with cheap materials, intended to be worn just once then thrown away.  What a waste!!

They also tend to be blooming uncomfortable being poorly constructed from itchy synthetic fibres.  The last thing I need to give my kids is a reason to be cranky!!

Basic Construction

It took me ages to decide which parts of the costume to do in which fabrics.  I used the unicorn fabric as a guide and chose white for the horn and ears, pink for the hood and purple for the lining.  I also decided to include the Pegasus wings because how could I not?!?!?

The mega max raglan is a simple and comfortable raglan top with loads of optional extras.  As soon as I saw the unicorn option I knew my daughter would adore it.


I did lots and lots of clipping to get the curves of the wings really nice and smooth.

I used iron on interfacing on the wings, horn and ears as the pattern suggests.  I only put it on one side of each pair of pattern pieces.  I'm regretting that choice as the seam is showing through on the un-interfaced side.  However i do think that this is mostly down to the very thin and cheap fabric I'm using.

The top stitched lines along the wings are a great finishing touch, but how to transfer them onto the fabric without marking it.  I don;t really want to use chalk or pen in case it doesn't quite come out in the wash.  So I've marked the line in the seam allowance of the unfinished edge.  I've then sewn it by eye lining up my mark with the join between each of the "feathers". 

 It worked a treat.

I press my hems them fold them out again when I stitch the seams.  I think this makes a neater finish an it's easier than trying to press a hem once the seam has been sewn.

Now to stitch the wings in place.  I've rolled up the wing and pushed it inside the sleeve so I've just go the raw edge.

Starting with the underarm seam I've used loads of pins to secure the wing in between the two sides of the sleeve.

After sewing I've turned the sleeve right sides out so that I can manoeuvre the side of the wing in between the side seams.

It was a bit tricky but oh so worth it!!

Horn and ears

The horn and the ears are made in the same way.  Stitched right sides together then clipped and turned right sides out.

I had to really trim the seam on the horn to reduce the bulk as much as possible.

To make my ears and horn stand up I've filled them with stuffing and stitched the raw edges together to make them easier to sew in place.

I've stitched the two halves of the hood front together, before sewing on the ears and horn.  As the horn will be going right in the centre where the two halves of the hod join.

To help the hood seams lie neatly I've pressed them open with the help of my tailors ham.

It's not possible to pin through the stuffing of the horn so I'm using clips instead.  Along with lots of pins to hold everything else in place.

I wouldn't normally overlock (serge) the inner hood seam as they'll be hidden by the lining, but I want to make sure the features are good and secure.  Overlocking the seam is a quick an convenient way to do this.

Almost done!

I've stitched the hood lining in place and top stitched around the edges.

Then sewed the hood to the neck opening.

I use a twin needle to stitch my hems, it looks so much more professional.  I recently switched to a 4mm twin needle - I'm so happy with how it looks.

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This unicorn costume is on sale in my NuMonday shop.

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  1. That is so cute! Reminds me of the lobster costume I made for my 2 month old, a long, long time ago

  2. So cute and much nicer than flimsy store bought costumes.