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Hunters Chicken Budget Batch Cook Recipe

Tender pieces of chicken dripping with salty spicy barbecue sauce topped with bacon and grilled cheese.   Oh wow, you're mouth is watering right?  Mine certainly is and I've just eaten this delicious dish, I could so have it again.  Which is a good job because I have another 5 family sized portions in the freezer.  

Tools and Ingredients:
1.8 kg Chicken Thigh Fillets £7.95
500g Bacon £1.75
500g Cheese £1.99
Tomato Puree 33p
3 Tins Chopped Tomatoes 87p
Worcester Sauce 65p
BBQ Seasoning (half jar) 30p
Balsamic Vinegar (half bottle) 29p

Total = £13.26
Makes 18 servings = 74p  per serving

Food purchased from Aldi

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Start by emptying the cans of chopped tomatoes into a good sized pan.  That's a full portion of veg so if you serve this with another vegetable on the side it's a perfectly balanced and healthy meal.

Add the tube of tomato puree.  This makes the sauce a little thicker and a little more flavoursome.

Next the magic ingredient - Worcester sauce.  This give the BBQ sauce a real tang.

Add the same amount of balsamic vinegar to really heighten that mouth watering tang.

And then half a jar of BBQ seasoning.  

Bring the sauce to the boil, it will smell delicious already.

While the sauce is boiling dice the chicken and divide it into equal portions.  I'm using 6 dishes each of which should feed three people (or in my case two adults and two toddlers).

Next blend the sauce.

And pour it over the chicken.

Top with rashers of bacon.

And a generous layer of cheese.

Pop it in the oven for about an hour at 180 degrees / gas mark 4.

Make sure the chicken is cooked through before serving.

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