Friday, 11 October 2019

Burda 6911 Twist Front TShirt Sewing Project

I love this style of top.  The style is perfectly suited to my figure so I treated myself to the pattern when I saw it on offer.

This is my third attempt at sewing it up, the previous two ended up n the rag bag.  The pattern isn't the problem, it's certainly tricky to get my head around the unusual construction but once that's sorted sewing up the rest is as simple as can be.  My issue has been with the fit, for some reason it fit's horribly and hangs terribly.

So here goes attempt number 3 . . . .

Tools and Materials:

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Back Neck Edge

I'm not a fan of this type of neckband.  They always look unfinished somehow.  

But to be fair I can't think of a better way so I follow the pattern instructions.

Experience has taught me to make plenty of clips in curves.

I've recently changed to a 4mm wide double needle.  A slightly wider spacing allows the stitches to lie lovely and flat without rippling between them.  It also makes it easier to catch the hem on the wrong side.  Just look at how neat this is - it makes me wish I'd taken the time to change my spool thread.


The front centre seam is easy enough.  It's a little tricky to overlock but I prefer the finish so I take the time to do it.

I've finished the edge of the self facing but it's just about impossible to get it all neatly overlocked, there's always an awkward little gap where I can't reach the overlocker.  

If I make this again I'll try to remember to finish the self facing and front centre before stitching the front centre seam.

The pattern instructions do say to finish the long edge before sewing the seams so that's what I've done.

Now for the tricky part.  I've folded the right front down and pinned ready to sew the seam leaving a gap to pull the other side through.  I've back stitched just before the slit to keep it good and secure.

The left front is pulled through the slit.  It seems like it gets pulled through too far but eventually it sort of pops out and the sides of the left seam can be lined up and stitched.

Now it's starting to take shape.  I always find this part so satisfying.  What started out as confusing bits of fabric starts to look like an actual top.


The shoulder and side seams are straightforward.

Setting in the sleeves is straightforward too.

I press the hems before sewing the seams as I find it easier to get an even hem with a straight edge than a seamed tube.

I put my new double needle to work on the hems.

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  1. Fingers crossed it worked - its quite a pretty top

  2. I've always admired this twisted top, though I don't think I'm chesty enough for it. Thanks for your in progress pics - now I know how it's done