Saturday, 14 September 2019

Children's Educational Activity - Classic Lego

My just turned 4 year old exploring her very first Classic Lego set.

Little Miss got a Lego set for her fourth birthday.  She loves Duplo but this is her first "big girl" Lego.  

My parents were big fans of Lego and I'm in total agreement.  It's educational, creative and great fun.  What's not to love? - stepping on the stuff and clearing it up of course but hey, it's worth it to keep the kids happy screen free for 30 minutes, and yes I've got a full 30 minutes of peace thanks to Lego . . . and my parents love of this plastic building material suddenly makes perfect sense.

I emptied the contents of the box onto a tray to keep all the teeny tiny bits better contained.

She engaged with the picture instructions straight away.  Just look how excited she was to start.

And the concentration on her face.  

First she needs to find the piece pictured in the instructions by matching the colour, shape and size.  A perfect exercise in early maths.

Then she needs to make careful use of spatial awareness and some more counting to assemble the pieces as shown in the instructions.  

She run out of steam after one model and asked for a lot of help with the subsequent ones.  This set was clearly a challenge for her.  

When the rest of the models were finished she immediately began role playing with them.  

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