Friday, 27 September 2019

Butterfly Print Max & Meena Rozzlyn Dress Sewing Project

Isn't this butterfly fabric stunning??  The print is so bright and clear.  The full skirt is just made for twirling, what little girl wouldn't love to twirl in a sea of butterflies??    

Lovingly made in the UK with digitally printed cotton Lycra fabric that's amazingly vivid and bright.  The fabric is also soft and stretchy so this dress will fit for ages.  The contrasting neckband is made from super stretchy ribbing.

With short sleeves this dress is perfect for warmer weather as well as for layering in the cooler months.  The soft and stretchy fabric make it ideal for rough and tumble playtime but the stunning print makes this a perfect party dress.

Tools and Materials:
Pattern by Max and Meena
Butterfly Fabric from stash

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I use a stretch stitch on my sewing machine followed by a second line of stitching on my overlocker (serger).  Two rows of stitching makes an ultra strong seam that will stand up to rough and tumble play.


I use loads of pins to get a lovely neat set in sleeve.

I overlock (serge) my sleeve hem to neaten the raw edge.  Then I use my homemade hem guide to press a perfectly even hem.  My paper hem guide won't last much longer, I've got this one


in my Amazon wish list.  Maybe I'll get lucky for my birthday later this month.

I leave sewing the sleeve hem until after I've sewn the sleeve seam.  I just open out my pressed hem to stitch the sleeve seam then fold it back to stitch the hem.

The sleeve and side seam is sewn in one continuous seam which gives it a very neat finish.


When sewing the bands I use a straight stitch because it allows the seam to lie a little flatter than it would with a stretch stitch.

To make it lie even flatter I press the seam open.

I find it easier to line up the two raw edges of the bands perfectly by using a tailors ham for pressing.


Oh just look at how swirly this skirt is!!  So much beautiful fabric with soft folds and it hangs so beautifully.

It can be tricky to press such a rounded hem neatly.  I take it slow and make good use of my sewing gauge.

I switch to a twin needle for a really professional finish on the hems.

And I also use the twin needle to top stitch around the neck band.  This helps the neckband to lie perfectly flat whilst allowing it to stretch.

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  1. My nieces would go nuts over this! Well done!

  2. I would love to sew with knits, but I do not have a serger and I feel intimidated!

    1. It's honestly really easy. Use a stretch stitch on your sewing machine and go for it!!

  3. Cute dress! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. This is such a cute dress. The butterfly fabric is so pretty. A great tutorial, too.....thank you.

  5. That hem guide is terrific. I always used manila folders with lines drawn...perfectly adequate but you will love it when it comes your way. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.

  6. Really sweet dress! Always love a swirly skirt :)

  7. I'm such a fraidy cat for garment sewing. It was nice to read through your step-by-step approach to tackling the dress pattern. And what a beautiful end result!