Friday, 13 September 2019

Burda 9408 T Shirt Sewing Project

A plain T Shirt to go with the dinosaur romper I made a few weeks ago, made from an old adults T Shirt.  I'm using Burda 9408, it's a pattern I've used loads of times before but I'm really struggling to get the neckline to look just right.  This time I'm trying omitting the snaps and using a super stretchy fabric.

Tools and Materials:
Fabric - an old T Shirt

I pinned the front and back neckbands in place.

Sewed, over locked and pressed.

Then I stitched the shoulder seams and realised my mistake.  I should have stitched the shoulder seams THEN sewn the neckband in place.  Grrr stupid rookie error!!

It's not hugely noticeable so I carried on.  Hopefully my sewing skills will improve by the time my children are old enough to notice little mistakes like this!!  I certainly thought my other was a genius with a sewing machine as I was growing up but now I can spot some mistakes in her earlier work, not many to be fair.

I stitched the sleeve and side seams in one.  I'm not sure if the patterns calls for that but it's my favourite method for a neat finish.

I also top stitched the neckband with a twin needle for a stretchy seam.  It holds the back of the seam in place and finishes of the garment.

I think the colour's go together quite well.  Little Pickle will look adorable in this, he just needs to grow a bit more first.

Link Ups:

Here are some of my previous sews with this pattern.

It's had quite a bit of use over the years!


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  1. I remember when I was a kid my mom taught a sewing class called Stretch and Sew. She made a lot of these shirts.