Wednesday, 21 August 2019

What's in My New Bullet Jounral Supplies Bag

Squee!!  I treated myself to a new Bullet Journal supplies bag, one that can hold all of my bullet journal goodies!!  I'm gonna just jump right in.

It's the VASCHY Large Pencil Case Pencil Organizer which  bought off Amazon.

It comes in a variety of colours, I opted for Burgundy.

There's two zippered pockets in the front and pen loops on the right.

The next "page" has small pen loops on the left and big ones to the right.

The next one has big pen loops on the left and small ones on the right.

And finally big lens loops and a deep pocket section with another zippered pocket.  The first thing I did was re-arrange the "pages" so that the smaller pen loops wee all at the front.  I'll manage with the bigger ones but the smaller ones are better for my purposes so i want them at the front where I'll be putting my most used pens.

Those being my Gel Ballpoint Pens.  I bullet journal in a Rocket Book as well as normal paper so I use a lot of Frixion pens.

Next I have a set of Frixion Highlighters.

Then I've popped my cheapo gel pens in the case.  I got these from Aldi a couple of years ago, I wouldn't recommend them.  I should chuck them but I just can't bare to see them go to waste.  

Then I have a set of DoCrafts brush tip pens.  I have had these for well over a decade and the are still going strong.

I have a very old and simple set of Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils.

I even had room for a few random bits on the back section.

And it closes!!

I've filled the front zippered pockets with my stencils and some washi tape.

I put some other random bits I don't use often in the very back pocket.

And there was still room for a pack of paper.

Unfortunately my Staples Arc Bullet Journal will not fit.

But it still closes

and there's even room for a little clip on light.

It bulges a bit but it's all in there.

I'm really impressed with my new purchase.  It fits all of my supplies together in one place.  It keeps them all neat and organised so I can easily grab whatever I need.

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