Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Sewing Studio Tour

I've just moved house and finally have my own sewing studio.  It doubles as the dining room but having a large cutting table in the room is hardly a hardship.  We have a kitchen diner so I won't have to clear my space for every mealtime, just special occasions and I can live with that.

Husband is currently using it as his office while he converts the garage but I have been able to commandeer one wall for my sewing stuff.  So far I'm loving the space.  It feels positively massive after my teeny tiny sewing closet in our last house.

I've chosen this corner because of the window to the left which throws a good amount of natural light over my work space even in the summer evenings.  I've also got a good view into the living room as as the kids get older I can keep an eye on them playing in the other room whilst I sew.

Here's the wall with four Kallax units making 16 cubes for my fabric stash. I find these 2x2 units
incredibly versatile.  This is the third time I've rearranged them to suit wildly different sewing spaces.  Every time they have been the perfect solution.  

The only issue is that I hate how they look.  In an ideal world I would swap them for the oak finish ones but my finances just wont allow that at the moment.  I'm hunting for other solutions to make these cheap units look a little more upmarket.

My fabric is all neatly stored.  It's fully protected from dust and light but it's also wonderfully accessible.

I wrote a little tutorial on how I fold my fabric here.  It's been really useful to see what I've got easily and I managed to compress my fabric enough to free up one whole cube - for more fabric purchases obviously!!

I really should upgrade my sewing chair when Husband lets me have the rest of the space.  But for now I make do with a little folding chair that sits neatly out of the way behind my Kallax units.

I keep my projects in progress in an old nappy box.  It's been an awesome solution.

My sewing patterns live in a wooden box from IKEA.

I have a beautiful wooden cantilever sewing box that  found at a car boot sale.

I inherited these thread racks from my mum.  At some point I'll upgrade them to the much nicer looking wooden ones.  I've hung them from the bottom of my peg board so that they don't take up any actual space on my peg board.  

I've got the IKEA peg board which is a relatively new additon.  I couldn't take full advantage of it in my old closet sewing studio but now I've got more space it's coming in really handy as a dumping ground for stuff I haven't got round to putting away yet.

I also have a cork board that my mum made.  I don;t use it much as the moment but this seemed like  a good place to put it.

At the other end of the room is a beautiful bay window where I do my hand sewing and embroidery.  This photo was taken in the early evening in August and as you can see there's still plenty of natural light coming through that huge window.

It's still a work in progress, I'm sure I'll find plenty to tinker with as I spend more time in here.

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