Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Rasised Bed Square Foot Vegetable Patch

I've installed a couple of raised beds.  I'm not too sure if raised bed garden is right for me but I figured I'd start off small and see how it goes.  Having just mov3ed house I'm very plate planting my garden this year so it's going to be a disappointing harvest no matter what I do.

I've got two small raised beds built and filled with compost which the previous owners of the house left behind.

I took up the turf and laid it to one side on a dip in the lawn.

My French beans are coming along quite nicely.  They've suffered a few slug feasts so I've popped some crushed egg shells around in an attempt to protect them.

There's a broccoli behind them.

My iceberg Lettice is looking promising.

My peas have thrived!!  I'm so looking forward to fresh peas right out of the pod - delicious!!

My runner beans are thriving too.  No pods as yet but I'm sure it won't be long.

The second bed is pretty bare as yet, I've planted quite a few seeds so I'll see what comes of them.

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