Saturday, 24 August 2019

Family Day Out in Blackpool, England

We go to Blackpool every year to see the illuminations, but this is our first trip during the summer.

Dogs aren't allowed between the north and south pier during the peak holiday season.  I can respect that, it's a shame that a minority of irresponsible dog owners ruin it for the rest of us.  So off we walked south of the south pier.  Only to see a no dogs sign.  It's actually an extra mile beyond the south pier before you can take your dog on the beach.  So unfortunately our day started off with a rather dismal picnic on the concrete.

Before we walked along the promenade.

Back towards the tower,

It was a beautiful day.

Little Miss loves this newsprint on the pavement.

The tide seemed to be in for the whole day.

So we had a walk along the north pier.

The kids loved looking at the sea through the boards.

Little Pickle has just started walking and he was delighted to feel the boards underneath his feet.

Little Miss had a go on this brilliant vintage Helter skelter.

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