Saturday, 17 August 2019

Family Day Out at St Annes Beach, UK

The UK is currently in the grip of an intense heatwave.  I'm so glad that we're holidaying by the sea so that we can make the most of it and enjoy the relief that the coast has to offer.  

Today we took a walk of about a mile into nearby St Anne's, which is a lovely seaside town.  Our walk took us past their gardens and duck pond.

The rock gardens are beautiful but we didn't stop for long as we were keen to get to our destination . . .

This stunning beach.  Just look at that sky!

You can hire sun loungers at the beach but I packed a picnic blanket for us to sit on.

And a picnic to eat on it.  There are food stalls on the edge of the beach.

The kids had a lovely hour playing in the sand while I relaxed.

Then we walked into the town centre and found a lovely café for an ice cream.

It was so good Little Pickle gave up trying to use a spoon.

Now there's a happy baby.

I popped into WH Smiths for a nosy at their stationary and Little Miss decided it was time she learnt to count up to 30.  She just randomly started counting the book charts.   

We stopped off at the new splash park.  I didn't take any photos as it was very busy and I didn't feel it was appropriate to take photos with other people's children in swimwear.  It was fantastic, I can't believe it's free.  Little Miss had a fab time cooling down and getting soaked.  Little Pickle slept through our visit which was a real shame, he would have loved to play in the fountains.

Little Miss asked for a second visit to the gardens on our way back to our home for the holidays.

I definitely recommend St Anne's for families with young children.  The beach is nice and clean, you can buy everything you'd need but it's not swamped with cheap souvenir shops.  The high street is pleasant with some lovely shops for a nice relaxed browse.  

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