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Burda 9424 Dinosaur Romper Sewing Project

Burda 9424 Dinosaur Romper Sewing Project

This is a fabulous children's romper sewing pattern form Burda.  

I typically sew the bib lining from some co-coordinating scrap fabric but this time I really wanted to stretch my two fat quarters into a T2 sized romper for Little Pickle.  I had just enough patterned fabric for the pants as long as I added the cuff in contrasting fabric - I usually do it in the same fabric as I prefer it that way but actually, having made this one contrasting I think it's definitely growing on me. 

Tools and Materials:

Most of my sewing stash comes form the lovely people at Minerva Crafts.

I had just enough dinosaur fabric leftover to add a little bit of applique to the pocket.

The pattern includes several pocket options.   I always use the one with the straight edges - so much easier to fold the edges under.  One of these days I really must master rounded patch pockets - just not today.

I skipped marking the pocket's positioning and just did it by eye.  Naughty of me I know but honestly - can you actually tell?

The pattern calls for a button closure on either side of the romper.  I'm skipping this step.  The closure always seems to snag in an unsightly way when wearing.  Plus I never, ever actually need to undo it.

Apart from that I followed the pattern for the rest of the construction.

I don't think the pattern calls for top stitching on the straps but it gives it a much neater finish.  

I love how the bib and lining come together.

I did neglect to sew the front and back bibs and linings together at the sides as i'm not using the button closure, but I managed to sew it together neatly in the end.

The cuffs were super easy to sew in place.

I'm working on sewing my button holes neater.

I remembered to sew the elastic on the inside,unlike the last time I made this pattern.

Burda 9424 Dinosaur Romper Sewing Project

Little Pickle hasn't quite grown into this outfit yet but I can't wait to see him wearing it.

Burda 9424 Dinosaur Romper Sewing Project

Here are some of the previous versions of this romper.

Burda 9424 Romper Sewing ProjectBurda 9424 Romper Sewing Project

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