Friday, 26 July 2019

Max & Meena Animal Ball Sewing Project

The soft toys have taken over!  They're everywhere and I am sick to the back teeth of picking them up ALL the time.  Little Miss doesn't even play with them but you'd better believe there'll be trouble if I clear them out (this will be done in the dead of night at some point).

I've had an animal ball on my "to sew" list for ages but hadn't got round to figuring out where to start.  So I was chuffed to bits when Max and Meena released their new Stuffed Animal Ball PDF Sewing Pattern, even better it's FREE for members of their Facebook group - just read the pinned post for details.

Tools and Materials:

The fabric is taken from an old pair of loft curtains that are no longer needed.  I spent a great deal of time stencilling the design on them so I as keen to re-purpose them.

Most of my sewing stash comes form the lovely people at Minerva Crafts.

Starting with the strap folded, 

Pressed and sewn along thew length and one end.

Turned right side out.

And top stitched for strength and a professional finish.

The strap is then stitched to the top of one of the ball panels.

Position the zipper.

And sew it in place.

On both sides.

Finish the rest of the seam around the zipper.

Press the fabric away from the zipper edge.

And top stitch in place.

Sew all the panels together and finish the edges.

Then sew the bottom in place.

It doesn't look like anything when it's finished.

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