Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Herb Garden Project

I've finally finished an area of my new garden.  I've built myself a little herb garden just outside my kitchen door.

There's this little area at the back of my house.  

This is how it looked before.  The lavender had got very overgrown and woody so that needed to come out.  I came up with the idea of putting a herb garden here instead.  It gets plenty of sun and it's just outside my kitchen door so nice and convenient for when I'm cooking.

Here it is all finished, well, in awaiting some more serious growth, but finished in terms of the bulk of my input.

I cleared the area then gave the fence a very quick lick of paint.

Isn't it a lovely sun trap.

Here's my parsley, I picked that up from a garden centre.  I did try growing it from seed, that's still going just on the left but it's pretty pathetic and I got impatient.

Mustard that looks like it's gone to seed.

I picked up an sage plant which is coming along quite nicely.

I clearly didn't water my rocket enough and now it's gone to seed - grrrr!!!  I should have got these plants in the ground earlier but more important jobs took priority.  Next year I will be able to direct sow if I choose to.

This chive plant was already here, I guess it's what inspired me to put the herb garden here.

This is my puny coriander plant grown from seed.  I've also popper a supermarket growing coriander next to it, it might live, it probably won't but I've given it a chance.

Another garden centre purchase, oregano.

My cress has gone to seed too - booo!!

My dill grown from seed.  

Rosemary from the garden centre.

This is my umpteenth attempt at growing basil from seed.  I'm not holding my breath but one day one of them must survive surely?

This dark basil is struggling even more, just one seed germinated and it's teeny tiny!!

My seed grown thyme is pathetic but it's shop bought companion is doing quite nicely.  I'd just given it a good trim for my Slow Cooker Normandy Chicken Recipe.

I'd forgotten I had some seed grown oregano - hardly surprising given the size of it!

My mint is doing well, the shop bought one anyway.  My seed grown mint is in there somewhere.  I've planted it in a pot in the hopes of keeping the plant from spreading into the rest of the garden.

I'll give it a good mulching in autumn and hopefully most of the plants will survive the winter.  

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