Friday, 19 July 2019

Burda 9408 Colour Blocked TShsirt Sewing Project

This pattern bugs me to be honest.  It should be simple but I seem to make a complete mess of it every time I try it.  I think I've finally figured out that one of the pattern pieces has been incorrectly labelled, the front and back neckbands.

Tools and Materials:

I don't think it's in the instructions but I like to overlock the raw edge of the facing before I start.

Then the underlap is folded as per the pattern.

And stitched onto the front, with the facing on the back shoulder.

I've omitted the opposite fastening as it's just completely unnecessary.  I've just stitched the shoulder together.

There's the facing.

I've joined the two neckband pieces together when cutting the pattern pieces out.  They don't need to be separate because there's only one set of snaps.

This time it's fitted perfectly onto the neckband.  When following the instructions it is always too short and makes the neck look horrible.  I assumed the front and back neckbands were the same pattern piece as one appears to be missing but this is incorrectly labelled.

I should have paid more attention, the facing and underlap should encase the neckband - lesson for next time.  

I like to set in the sleeves

before sewing the side seams.

Then the hems.

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