Friday, 14 June 2019

Patchwork Baby Quilt Sewing Project

I'm making a simple baby blanket for a friend.  I've alreday made the quilt top so I thought I'd record how to make up the actual quilt while I've got a small one to photograph.  Big quilts are done in just the same way except that they are so much more unwieldy!!

I've made the quilt top using a cushion cover I made for my daughter's bedroom when she was a baby.  My beloved huge floor cushions didn't really work in her bedroom so my patchwork was hardly used.  I'm glad it's getting a second life with a new owner.  I've run out of wadding so I used some fleece.  The backing is made from scraps leftover from making the original bedding.

Tools and Materials:

Most of my sewing stash comes form the lovely people at Minerva Crafts.

Lay the quilt top onto the wadding and that onto the quilt back.

Pin this quilt sandwich together.

Sew along the seam lines between the main blocks.

Trim away the excess fabric leaving a straight edge.

Apply the binding as described here - Quilt binding tutorial.

And stitch the binding in place.

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