Friday, 31 May 2019

Double Irish Chain Patchwork Quilt Sewing Project

I made this massive quilt as a wedding present for a couple of friends.  The design is called a double Irish chain.  It's supposed to represent the couple's journey through life side by side.  It's a lovely sentiment and the fact that it's a super easy pattern that looks really complicated doesn't hurt lol. 

Tools and Notions:

Most of my sewing stash comes form the lovely people at Minerva Crafts.

I think I had this quilt in mind long before the couple actually got engaged.  I had a large amount of good quality red and black cotton in my stash.  Such big pieces of fabric needed to be used something special. 

I was going to crop out the adorable photo boomer . . .

But he's too cute to leave out lol.

Here's the notes I made in my Bullet Journal.  The small squares are 2.5" and the large blocks measure 10.5".  I used 1/4" seam allowances.  

I made a note to remind myself to always press the fabric towards one colour or another.  Being consistent makes the blocks easier to line up accurately later on.

I've used some more red for the border - I figured I might as well use all I had and I think it frames the quilt perfectly.

The binding is self made using the Quilt Binding Tutorial I blogged about previously.

I had a lot of fun quilting this one.  I've stitched in the ditch around each of the large blocks.  Then a small block either side.  I've quilted along the diagonal lines crated by the design and also diagonally though the centre of each large block.  

For the border I've quilted several straight lines around the edge.

I'm delighted with my efforts.  I do hope the bride and groom like it.

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