Thursday, 11 April 2019

Wooden Climbing Frame Playhouse Restoration - The Beginning . . .

The hubster found this beauty on Facebook.  We've been on the lookout for a playground like this for a few years, the stars must be aligned as he found this just before we move into our new house which has an amazing grassed area just the right size.  

We snapped it up as it was a fantastic bargain, just £150.

It's got two swings, one for each kid.  I'll need to get Little Pickle a baby swing.

A two storey playhouse!!

We didn't notice the climbing wall until we collected it.  Little Miss will be so delighted, she loves climbing.

Just look at that amazing playhouse!!

There's a picnic bench underneath too.  How awesome will it be to have lunch in the garden even in the rain.  Happy kids and less clean up for me - win win!!

Hubster can stand up in this room!!

It even has window ledges!

It's in pieces at the moment and it does need some work.  There's some rot to replace and it is in desperate need of a coat of paint.  It came with some monkey bars which are badly rusted.  The decking underneath the playhouse is completely rotten.  

I'm so looking forward to doing this up for my kids.  Little Miss is one of those kids that loves to be active, climbing, swinging and playing.  Little Pickle climbed the stairs before his first birthday so I'm guessing he'll be even more adventurous.  I'm so happy that my kids get to grow up with this in their garden.

I'll be posting the details of the project as I go along.  Hopefully it will be finished in time for the summer.

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