Thursday, 4 April 2019

Volkswagen Transporter Day Van Conversion - The Beginning . . .

So . . . my car died as in scrap yard in the sky died.  With two kids, a husky and a pram built like a tank, not to mention my tendency to bulk buy and fondness for second hand furniture, a big car was definitely in order . . . like an estate.  A nice economical estate that will get us all from A to B and tow our caravan when needed.  

Then the hubster started with his requirements . . . What he really wants is a camper van but I've managed to convince him that a camper van doesn't suit our lifestyle or budget.  So he's got it into his head he wants a day van.  I've got to give him credit, a dry space to have picnics on days out with the kids is genius.  Plenty of space for the extended rear facing seats I won't compromise on.

I hit a bit of a stumbling block and really struggled to find something in our price range that would tow our caravan.  A small transit won't two a 1.5 ton trailer - who knew!?  I knew the T4 would do the job but they're way out of our price range . . . 

Until my dad found this one . . . 

I cannot believe I paid just £1,000 for this beauty!!  

It's seen better days of course, it was stiff and rusty . . .

dirty too.

It's so old a lot of insurance companies won't touch it!!  I've learned the term "Vintage Banger" and love it!!

But we gave it some tender loving care.

And now it purrs like a kitten - most of the time!!!

It went away for a bit for some new side windows and a tow bar.  We had it resprayed too.  That plus a few bits and bobs like a thorough service brought us up to our initial budget of about £3,500.

Hubster fitted some unwin rails and tracked down some second hand back seats.  The seats can be moved right to the front just behind the driver for a huge load space or further back leaving space for a picnic table.  They've got three full three point seat belts and I can fit three high backed kids car seats across the back seat - enough room for my two plus a friend.  And we even have an extra two seats that can be added in the very back so it can carry up to 7 people. 

There's lots more to do on our not so new T4.  I'll be sharing more projects and pictures as we go along.  

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