Saturday, 13 April 2019

Visit to Thompson Park, Burnley

Thompson Park in Burnley has recently been renovated so we took Granddad along for the day.  

We started with a little walk along the canal.

Little Miss was straight up the new climbing wall.

Little Pickle had a play in the sandpit.

And the swings.

Granddad took Little Miss for a ride on the train.   It's just £1 per ride.

Then Little Miss practised her climbing.

And I finally managed to get a shot of her coming down the slide.

This old dragon was still a hit.

The new zip wire is still a little too big for Little Miss.

She had a fab time exploring the park.

Before it was time to say goodbye.

I should mention that there is actually much more to Thompson Park than I've pictured here, but Little Miss was having far too much fun on the playground to explore the rest of the park.  

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