Saturday, 27 April 2019

Visit to Kings Gardens, Southport

An impromptu trip to the beach today.  Little Miss got one look at Kings Gardens as we passed and it became abundantly clear that we weren't going to be seeing much else of Southport on that day!!

There's a slid of course

and some quite innovative structures.

And of course a big sandpit.

It's an unusually large adventure playground.

Bribery was needed to get Little Miss to leave.

There's a lake.

And it's as hort walk to the beach which is very shelly - lol, it's covered in lots and lots of broken shells so not great for Little Pickle who's still crawling.

We somehow ended up back at the park on the way home - I'm equally impressed and concerned by my children's negotiating skills.

There was lots more to see and do in Southort, a water park, model railway and a newly refurbished pleasure beach with is free entry so better for younger kidos (I hate the thought of paying for a theme park when I know they'll only go on a few rides).  We'll come back again and see more another day, maybe even stay for a while in the summer.

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