Saturday, 6 April 2019

Visit to Ightenhill Park, Burnley Lancashire

Dating from 1912 Ightenhill Park is split in three bisected by Ightenhill Park Lane and Ighten Road.  We just visited the children's section today.

It looks nice and neat on arrival.

There's some unusual play equipment and Little Miss wasted no time investigating it.

We took a picnic along.  There are plenty of benches but Little Pickle finds a picnic blanket easier.  

Little Miss loved this circular swing.

And they both had a great time on this oversized bucket swing.

The daffodils were in bloom.

To be perfectly honest I wasn't particularly enthralled, until we turned a corner and found the main play park . . . 

It's not huge but it has one of these kinetic sandpit / building site things. 

Little Pickle was in his element - getting seriously filthy.

Little Miss spent a good hour operating pulleys and moving sand around using the tools.

Little Pickle got in on the action too.

She finally got the hang of operating the digger.

The swings went down well as always.

Little Miss mastered this climbing frame straight away - she's getting very adventurous!!

We've had a fab day so I'm really pleased that this will be the closest big park to our new house.  

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