Thursday, 18 April 2019

Moving Checklist

We're moving, we're moving!!!

(That is indeed a she shed and it is included with the property = happy dance!!)

It'd be nice if I knew exactly when we're moving into our new house but these things take their time and there's no point getting stressed about it.  But there is plenty of point in making sure that I'm ready to go as soon as everyone else in the chain is ready to move.  

(This is my new crafting studio - just look at that natural light!!)

I've got lots of jobs buzzing round in my head so it's time to get them all written down so I can get them checked off at the last minute without worrying I've missed something vital.  Have I missed anything?  Do let me know if I have . . .

(The husband will have his own space too)

Book Movers
Call Dad (he's helping us move)
Finish Packing
Arrange Home Insurance
Inform Council
Water Company
Gas / Electric Supplier
Car Insurance
Royal Mail Redirect
Remove Shelves at top of stairs (to make room for some furniture to get past)
Defrost Freezer
Pack Essentials - Toiletries, loo roll, toys, snacks, lunch
Disconnect washing machine and other appliances
Last minute check for any missed items
Lock up and leave the keys behind!!

(I've died and gone to kitchen heaven!!)

When we get into the new house:
Unlock the door and do a happy dance
Take "before" pictures
Electric / Gas readings

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