Friday, 12 April 2019

McCalls 7459 Gingham Pinafore Sewing Project

This is a lovely pattern and a reasonably simple sew, given I picked a nice easy fabric to work with.  I could have achieved a much better finish had I taken more time over the little details!!  Is that the skill in sewing, knowing which details to take your time over and which can be skipped or rushed?

Tools and Materials:

I did my own thing with the pocket.

I finished the edges with my overlocker.

Then turned the top to the right side and stitched down the sides along the seam allowances.

I turned it right side out, gave it a good press them pressed in the other edges.

I top stitched the top of the pocket.  I'd normally pop a double needle in my machine for this but I was being lazy :)

I edge stitched the pocket in place but again I was stupidly lazy and didn't change my foot to an edge stitch foot - silly me, it should look much better than this!!
Note to self - front pockets are very visible TAKE TIME with them!! 

I also neglected to notice the obvious direction of the fabric when cutting my pocket.  
Note to self - learn how to pattern match and take the time to do it!!

Things got better after that.  The bibs came together very easily.

The instructions don't specifically say to clip the curves but experience has taught me to do it anyway.  I do actually learn from some of my mistakes!

The shape doesn't look quite right to me.

But look at that beautiful top stitching, it's actually straight!

Silly me (again) ignored the instructions and didn't press under the seam of one of the waistband pieces.

Even sillier me didn't properly mark the placement of the bibs on the waistbands.

Now to be fair to silly me I'm sure I remember regretting this step last time I made this dress.  But I've had a kid since then and it's clearly fried a few more brain cells.  
Note to self - check previous posts for pattern notes.

Also being fair to even sillier me, nine times in ten transferring pattern markings is a waste of time.
. . . . . 
I'm waiting for the sewing police to break down my door
. . . . . 
Still waiting
. . . . . 
Ok then, on we go

The skirt is super simple.

Note to self -  Learn how to insert zips PROPERLY.  
I have spent my entire life just sewing a zip in between the two pieces of fabric.  I don't tack it in place either - I hear that's a cardinal sin too
. . . . .
Still no sign of the sewing police
. . . . .

I do totally accept that if I actually took the time to do these things and learn how to do them properly, my sewing would probably look much better than it does.  I should invest in a sewing course at some point.  Maybe a Craftsy subscription . . . Which is apparently now called my BluPrint, hmm, not so sure I'm liking the change.  Anyway's I digress, my point was . . 

Note to hubby - If you actually read my blog (which I know you don't) I'd love a Craftsy subscription for my birthday.

I don't think I'll be holding my breath waiting for that.

Anyway's it was no problem to fold under the waistband.  I think i may have been thinking that there is zero point in slip stitching the waistband in place as it gets caught in the top stitching afterwards.

The hem came out lovely and neat which is weird, they don't usually do that.
I neglected to take a picture as I finished this dress at 2am having been up since 4am.

I did take some photos the next day.

Note to hubby (who of course will never read this) - these two pictures demonstrate the difference between daylight and electric light - there is a difference and it does matter.

Anyway's aren't those buttons perfect!?  I just happened to have two in my stash.  Chunky enough for little fingers - not that they need to be undone on a dress but hey.  But so delicate looking at the same time.  The are actually a very pale shade of blue themselves so they blend in beautifully but also add a little sparkle.

Please don't look too closely at my appalling buttonholes.
Note to self - make absolutely doubly sure that the button holes are big enough!!

And here's the reason I didn't finish this until 2am.  I actually unpicked the whole blooming thing and checked the placement of the bibs.  The centre bib lines up with the centre skirt perfectly, this photo has been taken before washing and ironing so you can actually see the fold in the skirt.  

So I'm guessing the left waistband should have protruded over the edge of the skirt.  But the skirt fitted the waistband perfectly.  Maybe it should have been gathered very slightly.  I'm utterly confused but was far too tired to unpick it all yet again.  I'm kinda hoping it won't be so obvious when it's on.  Let's face it the rest of the garment wasn't perfect so as long as it's wearable it's all good.

Hmmm, nope, I really need to change this attitude.  Just not today . . . . The kids can wait until they're in school for couture clothes - so that'll be when they don't want them . . . maybe I can have couture instead then . . . Hmmm, this train of thought doesn't entirely displease me . . .

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