Friday, 26 April 2019

Burda Sewing Pattern 6911 Entwined Front Top in Black Velvet

I love this pattern, it fits and feels like a comfortable t shirt but the entwined front add a luxuriously glamorous touch that looks fab on a bigger bust.

The pattern is a bit tricky to follow, but I took my time and double checked each step and it came together perfectly.

Tools and Materials:

Most of my sewing stash comes form the lovely people at Minerva Crafts.

Fold and press back neck edge strip wrong sides together.

Pin to back.

Clip curves, fold to inside and press.

Top stitch in place.

Pin, sew and serge centre front seam.

Finish edges of self facing and fold along marked line, pinning in place.

Finish edges of seam number 1.

And now it gets confusing . . .

Fold right front along seam 1 and pin, sew and serge in place leaving the slit indicated on the pattern.

Then pull the left front through the slit.  Eeek!!

Fold the sew the front left as for the front right.

Pin, sew and serge side and shoulder seams.

Pin, sew and serge sleeve seams.

Then set in sleeves.

And hem with a twin needle.

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