Saturday, 20 April 2019

A Trip to Coffee and Crafts, Barrowford

I planned a trip to Barrowford Park and the beautiful Pendle Heritage Centre.

The car park is just over the road form this beautiful building.  Parking is a suggested donation of £1.

There's a lake in the park with ducks to say hello to.

And a large grassy area for games and picnics.

The play park is at the opposite end.

It's quite a small park.

But my smalls were very happy with it.

We had a little walk around the edges.

And over the river into the lovely village of Barrowford.

Where we stumbled on Coffee & Crafts.  I was actually just looking for a coffee and somewhere warm to change Little Pickle.  A child friendly cafe is always a more pleasant experience for us all, plus they usually have a changing facilities and decent coffee, so we popped in.  

I wasn't disappointed at all.  The coffee was good and sensibly priced = happy mummy.

Little Miss started off with some colouring and cutting but quickly convinced me to buy her some pottery to decorate.  She had great fun painting her dragonfly.  It was varnished for her so she could cover it in glitter and gems.  Aprons, glitter and paints etc were all included int he price.

It was more than I intended to spend that day but Little Miss got so much enjoyment out of it, I feel it was well worth it.  I think it was about £9.50 for this little dragonfly.  There are about a gazillion other designs to choose from.

And here's her finished dragonfly.  All ready for hanging on her wall.

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