Saturday, 2 March 2019

Visit to Brockholes Nature Reserve

This is our first visit to Brockholes but it wont be our last.  Parking is a reasonable £3.

There's lots of mud so wellies were a must!

Lots to explore

And a stunning view for our picnic.  Benches were in short supply so I'm glad I packed our picnic blanket to use instead.

We bought an Explorer Challenge pack for £3.  You get a map of the park with 15 markers to find and identify.  Little Miss is a bit too young for this sort of thing just yet but it's a great way to explore the park and she did enjoy finding each marker.  The sweet treat at the end wasn't frowned at either!

The adventure playground was definitley her favourite part of the day.

Little Pickle loved it too.

It took a few attempts but just as we were leaving Little Miss mastered the swinging bridge.  I honestly didn't think she would be able to manage it yet.  Proud Mummy moment.

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