Saturday, 9 March 2019

Trip to Bolton Abbey

Little Pickle is turning one and as he's too young to express a preference I asked Little Miss what she'd like to do for his birthday.  Her response was uncharacteristically specific.  She requested a visit to a castle with a picnic and the dog should come along too.  

I've been meaning to take the kids to Bolton Abbey for a few years so this seemed like a good opportunity.  I know it's an Abbey not a castle but to a three year old it was close enough.

There isn't an entry charge as such but parking is £10, which is why I've put off our visit for so long.

We explored the Abbey ruins.

And the grounds.

Little Miss in particular loved the beach.

We spent quite a while playing in the sand and skimming stones.

Then we had a walk around the estate.  Little Pickle had a ride on daddy's back for a change.

I had forgotten just how stunning this area is.

Check out this wishing tree.

Little Miss had great fun climbing and exploring.

The weather was unbelievably warm and sunny - It's February!!

I do love it here and I'll definitely bring the kids back again but it won't be for a while.  It's not a huge amount of money I know but the price is too high in my opinion.  Perhaps if there were a really good adventure playground or an event on I could justify it.  There's just not enough here for a full day out.  There are loads of lovely places we can go for a walk for free.  

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