Monday, 25 February 2019

Cheese and Onion Pie Batch Cook Recipe

This is one of the hubster's favourite dishes. 

Potatoes 1kg
Cheese 900g
Red Onions 1kg
Dijon Mustard
Plain Flour 900g
Butter 400g
1 Egg

Peel, chop and put the potatoes in water to boil.

Mince the garlic.

Dice the onions.

Fry them until soft.

Mix 900g of plain flour and 400g of butter.


Until it forms a dough.

Roll it out.

Place over an oven dish.

Trim off the excess pastry.

Mash the boiled potatoes.

Add the onions and garlic.

And a quarter of a jar of mustard.

Grate 900g of cheese.

Add the cheese to the filling mixture.


Fill the pies.

And top with more pastry.

Brush with a whisked egg to glaze.

Bake at 200 degrees centigrade for about 45 minutes.

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