Friday, 1 February 2019

Burda 9828 Denim Romper Sewing Project

These took ages to make, what with the flat felled seams and the applique I decided to add with some leftover quilting cotton.  Not to mention all the messing about trying to get the pieces cut from old jeans that were too narrow - hence the additional seam along each centre pant.  I'm reasonably pleased with the result but not too sure about the contrasting denim.  I think in future I'll take care to choose old jeans of the same colour.  

Tools and Materials:

My old jeans aren't wide enough for the pant leg pieces.  

So I've folded and cut the pattern piece along the centre seam plus the seam allowance of 1.5cm.

I've also extended the pant legs using the facings - this should mean that the pants can be folded up at the hem and let down as Little Pickle grows taller.

Wrong sides together, pin and sew parts of pant leg.

Trim away one side of seam allowance.  This line of stitching will be hidden.

Fold remaining seam allowance in half and press.

Open out the fabric and press.

Sew along folded edge of seam allowance.


Pin and sew inside leg seams.

Pin and sew crotch seam.

Pin, sew and serge bib.

Finish waist and sew elastic casing.  Insert elastic.

Pin sew and serge side seams.  These can't be a flat felled seam as the fabric can't be laid flat.

Press up bottom edge of bib lining.  Pin and sew to bib front.

Turn, press and top stitch.

Fold straps right sides together.  Stitch straight end and long side.  Trim corners.

Turn, press and top stitch.

Sew slanted ends to waistband.

Finish edges of pocket.

Turn top to right side and sew seam.

Turn and press seam allowances to wrong side.

Top stitch in place.

Finish hems, turn, press and stitch in place.

Sew buttons and button holes.

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