Monday, 14 January 2019

Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup Recipe

Easy, tasty and healthy, what's not to love?  The spice I guess, if you're not a fan but I most certainly am.  Little Miss, not so much but Little Pickle was quite happy to demolish her portion after polishing off his own. 

Prawns 600g £6.58
Garlic 1 bulb 19p
Onions 1kg 50p
Peppers 700g £1.28
Ginger 1 pack 42p
Red Curry Paste 1 Jar 79p
Coconut Milk 1 Can 75p
Lemon Juice Half a bottle 17p
Chicken Stock 4 cubes 12p
Oil for frying

Total Cost £10.80 / 21 portions = 51p per portion

2736 KCal = 130 KCal per portion



Dice the onions and add them to the pan with some oil.

Mince the garlic and add that to the pan too.

Peel and mince the ginger.  This can be left in the food processor.

Add the peppers to the food processor and dice them.

Fry the onions and garlic until soft.

Throw in the prawns.

Then the peppers with the ginger.

The curry paste,

Then the coconut milk.  Make sure you use the full fat coconut milk.

And four stock cubes.

Add lemon juice to taste.

And bring to the boil.  

Leave to simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Portion up ready for the freezer.

Serve with a hot crusty roll.

You can add a little boiling water if you prefer a thinner soup.

What's your preference spice or not??

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