Friday, 17 August 2018

Patchwork Dining Chair Seat Covers Sewing Project

With a toddler in the house my poor dining chairs are taking some spills.  For the throws of baby led weaning I made a waterproof cover for the whole chair.  But now that Little Miss is older it's more spilled drinks that present a problem.  I've made these covers before to protect the upholstery from wear and stains but this time I'm using a waterproof tent fabric for the backing.  Hopefully this will stand up to toddler sized spills for some years.

Tools and materials:

Four equally sized piles of 3.5 inch wide strips of monochrome fabric.

Plus five times the length of 1 inch strips in black cut from an old pillowcase.

Waterproof fabric for the backing and batting which in this case is some scrap quilted fabric.

One black strip sewn to each and every patterned strip.

Then I sewed them all together.

I cut the strips into squares but my dinning chairs are rectangular so I also cut off 3.5 inch wide strips across the width.

And sewed them to the sides.

Now for a border from 3.5 inch black fabric.

All four sides.

For each chair, four 10" x 2" strips of black.

Folded in half 

Sewn along the longest side.

Corners clipped.

And turned right side out.


Sewn onto edge of patchwork.

Batting added (it's actually old fabric) and waterproof backing.

The edges are bound - here's my quilt binding tutorial.

And here's the finished result, already in service and protecting my dining chairs from the toddler.

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  1. awesome idea! what kind of old fabric did you use for batting? do you need the batting in order for the seat cover to not feel bumpy from the seams when you sit on it? do you think i could make a thinner version to go over the cushion part of a wooden dining chair? (mine are a less attractive version of this: