Friday, 31 August 2018

Change Mat Cover Sewing Project

Why aren't change mat covers more popular?  Do people really change their babies on these cold pieces of plastic?  And what about cleaning up?  The plastic is slightly porous so a wipe down with antibacterial cleaner isn't going to get it completely clean - yuk!

So here's my very simple solution made form an old towel that would otherwise have ended up in the bin.

I've started by cutting the towel and backing fabric to a size a little larger than the change mat.

I've hemmed one of the short edges - the towel's edge has saved me a job so I've only had to hem the backing fabric.

I've pinned the towel and the backing fabric, right sides together and sewn around the remaining three sides.

I've finished my edges with an overlocker to keep them neat.

The change mat is simply placed inside the cover like a pillow case.

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