Friday, 6 July 2018

Max and Meena Bitty Bobble Romper Sewing Project

Hmmm, I'm not too sure I like this romper that much.  It's the shape that looks silly to me, even more so in the shorts version, it's far too bottom heavy and my symmetry craving mind just can't accept it.  Having said that it will be very comfortable for my cloth bummed Little Pickle in the heat wave that's been promised this summer, so I'm hoping I'll change my mind once I see it on him . . . just got to wait until we have some weather that warrants it . . . 

Side seams first.

Then the side seams on the facing.

I've finished the lower edges of the facing with my overlocker.

Straps next, stitched

And turned.


and top stitched.

Stitched in place along with the facing.

Elastic inserted.

The ends secured.

Hems pressed.

and top stitched in place.

Top stitching around the top.

Button holes measured and marked.


Then buttons hand sewn in place.

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