Monday, 30 July 2018

Chilli Garlic Stir Fry Sauce Recipe

Whoa!!  This'll knock your socks off!  It could be watered down it make it less spicy but we like spice in our house.

Tomato Puree
Red Wine Vinegar

Finely chop the garlic.

And the chillies.

And the ginger root.

Fry them in a little oil.

Add a tube of tomato puree.

And half a bottle of red wine vinegar.

Let it simmer and reduce for a bit giving it a good stir.

Then pour the mixture into a sauce bottle and store it in the fridge.

Here it is served with chicken and frozen stir fry veg.

The chicken was marinaded in the sauce for a couple of hours but you can use it straight out of the bottle if you don't have time to marinade.

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