Friday, 29 June 2018

Burda 9828 Denim Overalls Sewing Project

This is my second attempt at applique - well, technically my third, the first pocket went in the bin, thankfully I had saved some scraps big enough to replace it.  I'm really, really pleased with it!!  I set the stitch length a lot longer than in would have thought it needed to be, but by spacing out the stitches more the design didn't pucker under the weight of the embroidery and it looks so much better.

I used my BigShot to cut the shapes out which made it really easy to get them perfectly neat really quickly.

Tools and Materials:
Denim and yellow rib from fabric stash

Inside leg seams.  

Then the centre seam.

Attaching the bib.

The back waist band.

With elastic inserted.

I appliqued the knees.

Then the side seams.

Now time for the bib lining.

Sewn in place.

Turned and pressed.

Straps folded and pressed.


Turned and pressed.

Hems pressed.

And top stitched in place.

Pocket top folded.



Edges turned in.

Top stitched in place.

Straps applied.

Bib top stitched.

Button holes marked.

And sewn.

Buttons stitched in  place.

And done!!

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  1. Someone is getting a whole new wardrobe! Very cute!