Friday, 11 May 2018

Unicorn Rozzlyn Dress Max and Meena Pattern Review

How gorgeous is this fabric!!  Shout out to Patches and Buttons for that, they have an awesome range.  I can't wait to plan my next shopping trip there, need to do some serious de-stashing before I can justify it though.

The pattern is by Max and Meena, another current favourite of mine.  It's the Rozzlyn dress made up according to the pattern but with an extra inch added to the neckband as I find these neckbands to be far too small.

It's really snug fitting, too snug.  It looks great but you can see form the pictures the sleeve length doesn't leave any growing room.  Whilst the snug fit looks fab on Little Miss she struggled to get it on.  And the neckband was FAR too small, I just about managed to get it on Little Miss.  

My little girl tends to be very much on the small side for her age, most size 2-3 clothing fits her perfectly and will do for some time.  I do adore the pattern though, she got loads of compliments on it at play group.  I'll try the next size up next.

Here's how it started off.

Shoulder seams.


I over-lock and press my hems first, particularly on the sleeves.  It makes them so much easier to hem later.

Side and sleeve seams.

Neckband.  I use a straight stitch and press the seam flat.

Before turning.

And pinning in place.

Here it is sewn, overlocked and pressed.

Then the skirt side seams.

The skirt onto the bodice.

Hemmed with a twin needle.

And done, one happy Little Miss.

Tools Used:
Pattern is Rozzlyn by Max and Meena
Fabric from Patches and Buttons

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