Friday, 6 April 2018

Monster Maxaloones Toddler Pants

I love these adorable Maxaloones pants from Max & Meena.  They're ubber cute obviously but more than that the bum circle gives a little extra room for a chunky cloth bum, it also makes the seat a little wider than commercial pants so they don't ride up so much when babywearing.  Best of all the leg and belly bands can be folded to fit a baby or unfolded to fit up to 5 years, or to keep little feet warm whilst babywearing.  They look fab in contrasting fabric so they're perfect for using up leftover bits of fabric.

Place the bum circle right side down and the pants back right side down.

Put the two pieces right sides together and pin.

Set the sewing machine to a stretch stitch.

Sew the bum circle in place then overlock the raw edges.

Press the bum circle flat.

Top stitch.


Pin, sew and overlock the side seams.

Pin, sew and overlock the inside leg seam.

Fold leg bands length ways so that the fabric stretches across the width.

Fold the belly band right sides together with the stretch horizontal.

Sew these seams and press them flat.

Turn the bands right sides out and press.

All done.

Insert bands into legs and waist.  Pin, sew and overlock.

Front view.

Bum circle cuteness!

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