Monday, 30 April 2018

Chicken Sweet and Sour Recipe

Tangy and sticky, this is one of my all time favourite sauces.  With tender chicken and plenty of crisp veggies it's scrummy!

This is a batch cook recipe, it makes 15 portions with zero fresh food left over.  

Chicken £3.33
Onions 39p
Peppers £1.30
Apples 92p
Pineapple 64p
Chicken Stock 47p / 3 = 16p
Sugar 59p / 10 = 6p
Cider Vinegar £1.50 / 2 = 75p
Soy Sauce 49p
Cornflour 85p / 10 = 9p

Total = £8.13 / 15 portions = 54p per portion

Dice the chicken.

And fry it until just brown.

Chop the onions.

Add them to the chicken and fry until soft.

Chop the apples.

And the peppers.

Add them to the pan.

Along with the pineapple chunks (reserve the juice).

For the sauce mix 4 table spoons of cornflour.

8 tablespoons of sugar.

150ml of soy sauce.

And 12 tablespoons of cider vinegar and the reserved pineapple juice.

Give it a good mix.

Then add it to the pan along with 4 stock cubes.

Cook until the chicken is cooked through.

Severed with rice and an extra portion of veggies.

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Buying food in bigger pack sizes is cheaper, as is avoiding wasting anything, just one lot of washing up and one pan on the hob saves on gas too.  

And it's much, much quicker too.  Think about it, if a recipe calls for an onion, chopped and fried (doesn't every recipe!!) you grab your knife and chopping board, chop your onion.  Grab your pan and a spatula to fry the onion.  After you've finished cooking you then need to wash up and put away your knife, chopping board, pan and spatula.  It doesn't matter if you're chopping and frying a dozen onions or one, the preparation and clean up work is the same.  

Put the unused portions in tubs in the freezer (once completely cooled) and you have a stash of super simple, easy, cheap and healthy meals just ready to defrost and serve with rice.

I spend about 2 hours a week cooking, including cleaning up the kitchen afterwards (they never take that into account when they write 30 minute recipes do they?!?).  That's it, each evening I spend about 5 minutes throwing some rice or potatoes into a pan maybe some frozen veggies too.  I sling a defrosted tub in the microwave and dish it up.  Easy, peasey!!

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